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KLS has been developing custom, transformational learning solutions for almost 20 years. It's the only thing we do, and we do it exceptionally well.

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Custom Learning

Flawless Execution


Technology doesn't scare us – it fuels us. Unlike almost every other learning company, we were born from technology, which is why we guarantee flawless technical execution on all of our learning solutions and programs – every time.

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High impact learning customized to exceed your unique business objectives.

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Choose the Right Partner

The members of the KLS team come in and are able to look at my business end-to-end, versus just looking at the learning piece, and talk to me about how to influence, how to add value and really how to position the product we are going to create together.
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Client - Tara D


Reduce Time to Performance

Partnering with KLS gave me the opportunity to reduce the time to onboard by close to 70%. Extrapolating that across regions, you’re talking about millions of dollars saved.
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Client - Ben J


Cross-Industry Expertise is Key

One of the strengths that KLS brings to the table is that, because they have worked with a number of different industries, it provides a different perspective we might not have with our own industry.
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Client - Carolyn L


Deliver Quickly and to a High Quality

Partnering with KLS has been really fantastic. They deliver things quickly, with high quality, and also, their ideas are fantastic.
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Client - Debbie


Ability to Dissect Problems is Critical

KLS has a great deal of learning knowledge to share. At the same time, they are able to dissect problems and come up with creative solutions that can meet any industry need.
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Client - Hank


Think Outside the Box

The KLS team really helps us think outside of the box. Learners have access to information at their fingertips, whenever they want it.
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Client - Chris

KLS Labs

Where Learning Meets Science

KLS Labs is our factory for innovation where we experiment with new technologies and push the boundaries of existing ones. Our main goal is to transform universal technology into educational technology by creating new and exciting applications that have the greatest impact on learners.

Meaningful investments in R&D allow us to provide our clients with a unique competitive advantage and equip them with the latest tools necessary to stay at the forefront of the learning industry in a cost-effective manner.

KLS Labs

Virtual Learning

Immersive, augmented, and desktop virtual environments have been one of the research pillars at KLS Labs for the past few years. 2015 saw the rise of virtual environments into the mainstream, which allowed us to apply our expertise to the proliferation of technologies that have recently been introduced to the market.

Through experimentation and practical application, we believe in the short term that virtual learning solutions utilizing 360 video technologies are the most cost-effective, time-effective, and relevant form of virtual environments for modern training. We are currently creating these immersive learning experiences for a number of our clients as we continue to push boundaries.

KLS Labs

Pushing the Limit On Tools

Since inception, our goal has always been to push the limits of educational software. But we also research and experiment with non-traditional authoring tools and software, from an educational perspective, to discover those that have features and benefits applicable to the learning space.

This research provides the basis for elevated concepts and alternative solutions that you may not have thought were possible. We work within our clients' software infrastructure to ensure solutions developed are self-sustainable. Ultimately, we enable our clients to elevate their programs to higher levels by breaking their traditional learning landscape.

KLS Labs


Historically, micro-location technologies have been used primarily from a direct-to-consumer marketing perspective. Through our research, we have found that by applying appropriate micro-location strategies, you can empower learners with engaging, location-based information that can be easily incorporated into almost any training program.

Although we have seen the merits of micro-location for a number of years now, it was not until 2015 that micro-location technology became more readily available and cost-effective. This has allowed us to create engaging training programs that are quickly closing the gap between online and offline experiences.

KLS Labs

2016 and Beyond

2015 was an extremely exciting year for KLS Labs. We had access to an unprecedented amount of new and exciting technology and had more opportunities to develop innovative solutions for our clients than ever before.

As we continue to expand R&D efforts into 2016 and beyond, we believe this will increase exponentially. If you can't wait for the 2016 report, get in touch with our learning experts or feel free to drop by and experience the Labs for yourself.

A Part of the Klick Ecosystem

Klick Inc. operates with a fiercely independent spirit at the intersection of technology, creativity, and strategy. The Klick ecosystem is a diverse group of people who are driven and connected by a shared culture and commitment to the relentless pursuit of awesome. In addition to Klick Learning Solutions, the Klick ecosystem of companies includes Klick Health, K2 Digital, Katalyst, and Sensei Labs.

As a company, all KLS staff are experts in creating leading edge learning solutions. As a part of the Klick ecosystem, we have the added benefit of accessing the wider Klick team of talented individuals when projects require additional resources or different skillsets that can add even more value for our clients.

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