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Empowering learners through innovative technology solutions.

With our roots in technology, innovation, and creative learning development, KLS is the perfect partner to wield technology into employee empowering solutions. From web and mobile application development to adaptive learning platforms to not-so-traditional LMS and Tin Can xAPI solutions, we continue to build unique and innovative solutions that engage your learners and power your business strategy.

Want to learn more? We’ve shared a case study below from our large library of examples.

Impactful product knowledge portal builds confidence of millennial retail sales reps.

VP of Sales for a national retail chain, cites the KLS Learning Portal Solution as reason for improved confidence of millennial sales team, increased sales, and a stellar bottom line.

A Need Unmet

Kelly, the VP of Merchandising for a national sports equipment retail chain, struggled with the apparent lack of sales on key product lines across several geographic markets. Confronting the VP of Sales, Kelly discovered that the mainly millennial sales team was frustrated with the lack of training and product knowledge provided by the company (and ultimately, Kelly’s team of buyers), creating very low confidence in the company’s product lines and their ability to sell. This also led to high levels of staff turnover. The further Kelly explored, she was able to uncover that the most successful sales reps were those who had conducted their own research on the products and gained confidence in selling the products through their own means.

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Accessible Product Knowledge Solution

Kelly partnered with KLS to develop a Product Knowledge Learning Platform for the national sales force of over 15,000 reps. The platform included learning management tools, a social learning portal, games, and mobile tools that engaged the mainly millennial team and provided them with the mechanisms to learn in both a self-driven and peer-driven learning environment.


KLS continues to host the unique learning management platform that is continuously evolving with formal and informal product and selling skills and peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

The platform includes standard tracking, administrative back-end tools, user-driven learning paths, voting and response mechanisms, and peer-to-peer learning and discussion tools – all accessible through any device.

Tools That Build Confidence

Since the successful launch of the KLS Product Knowledge Learning Platform over 18 months ago, Kelly has enjoyed watching the majority of her product lines hit and exceed sales targets every quarter. When she asked the VP of Sales for feedback, he told Kelly the portal has done an amazing job of boosting the knowledge and ultimately, confidence of his sales team. In fact, the company has also seen a reduction in turnover, which has also helped improve its bottom line.