Blended Learning

Flipped classrooms, multiple modalities, hybrid courses, and MOOCs

Today’s modern learner doesn’t learn through one-time events or single modalities. Blended learning solutions such as flipped classrooms, mobile and social learning apps and platforms, hybrid courses, and MOOCs create more personalized learning experiences that provide the right learning opportunity at the right time and in the best way for your people. At KLS, our blended learning solutions are learner-centric, take into consideration all of the modalities that make the most sense for the specific program, and guarantee transformational results for your business.

Want to learn more? We’ve shared a case study below from our large library of examples.

Flipped classroom minimizes downtime for pharmaceutical company while drastically increasing sales.

Product sales exceed target by more than 2x within 6 months of launching training program.

Facing Poor Sales

Elizabeth, the VP of Product Marketing for a leading pharmaceutical company, had seen initial sales results for the organization’s recently launched new drug that were 70% off its planned target. Upon further analysis, a new insight found that a specialized segment of patients would greatly benefit from using the drug. Because of this, she and her team needed to quickly retarget their sales efforts to include the new market segment, and in turn, train their entire sales staff on effectively selling to a unique demographic. With a huge learning curve for a complicated drug, the company couldn’t afford for the sales staff to be out of commission for any long periods of time.

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Blending and Flipping Traditional Learning

To meet the business objectives for Elizabeth’s company and the learning needs of a 1200+ diverse sales force, KLS designed a blended learning solution combining self-driven learning technologies, powerful experiential classroom learning, gamification, peer-to-peer, and social learning platforms. Known as the flipped classroom approach, sales reps completed bite-size learning videos and modules first through their computers, tablets or smart phones in a self-directed but timed fashion. A gamified solution, the pre-classroom learning bites focused on the sales reps developing and deepening their technical knowledge of the new drug and new market segment. Upon completion, sales reps were invited to attend a highly engaging experiential classroom program where they fine-tuned their sales craft and collaboratively solved hypothetical customer concerns and questions to roaring success.

Having formed strong peer networks through their individual cohorts, the post-classroom learning continued in a peer-to-peer fashion through the social learning portal built by KLS in which sales reps helped each other sell and solve customer situations, reviewed technical videos, and uploaded customer success stories. Each month, users would vote on stories, and the one that received the most votes would win an award. All social and formal learning was accessible through computers, tablets, and smartphones, creating a true community of learners for the training program.

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The Right Blend for the Right Result

Elizabeth saw a dramatic increase in sales within one month of launching the KLS-developed learning program. She received a large amount of positive communication from her sales force and senior stakeholders relating to the high engagement level of the program. Within six months of launching the training program, Elizabeth was well on her way to doubling targets set for the first year.

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