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Our award-winning, custom eLearning solutions are designed to be interactive, engaging, evidence-based, and learner-centric. Our talented team of instructional designers, developers, programmers, and creative directors work with you to design digital learning experiences that are not only memorable, impactful, and motivational for the learner, but also deliver results that are tailored to your unique organization’s needs.

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Global application simulation program boosts operational efficiency for one of the world's largest banks.

Reaching over 100,000 employees worldwide. The volume of monthly referrals increased by 100%. Customer sessions showed 22% higher cross-sell results. Opening balances for new customers were 12% higher

Robert’s Dilemma

As the Director of Global Training for one of the largest banks in the world, Robert faced a large opportunity as well as a large challenge. Despite regular cross-departmental collaboration, employees across the globe were using dozens of different systems to perform routine job functions. Recognizing the need for a standardized global system, Robert had been informed by the executive team that the CEO had approved an overhaul of the company’s internal ecosystem, which would result in a multi-year, multi-region coordinated program. With such a large-scale operational change, the company would need to train its employees on all facets of the new system.



A Comprehensive Solution

After competing against multiple global vendors, KLS was selected to develop over one thousand application simulation training courses that would excite and engage thousands of learners around the globe. The comprehensive eLearning curriculum would be developed in over 12 languages and would need to encompass a wide range of technical skills with training on all aspects of the company’s new system, giving learners the ability to deliver exceptional client experiences on a daily basis.

Globally Relevant Content

Recognizing the breadth and complexity of the systems change, KLS worked alongside subject matter experts to develop clear, uniform messaging with customized content, including language and imagery relevant to regional cultural ideals. In doing so, learners across the globe received the same high-quality training with customized eLearning content to suit each unique region.



Blend to Perfection

To ensure learners received best-in-class training, VILT programs were developed to provide reinforcement for the eLearning modules as well as a platform to share best practices across global borders. These VILT sessions strategically leveraged assets from already completed eLearning modules, thus realizing many cost efficiencies for our client. Using this different learning modality also provided additional benefits such as allowing for small group collaboration and receiving real time feedback with expert facilitators.

Numbers Don’t Lie

With a robust analytics plan in place from the start of the project, Robert was able to quickly report on the positive impact the training program was having. Reaching over 100,000 employees worldwide, the program helped staff become much more efficient. After the first phase of training was complete, the volume of monthly referrals increased by over 100%, customer sessions showed 22% more cross-sell results, and opening balances for new customers were 12% higher. KLS continues to work with Robert and his global team with additional phases of this multi-year project.