Build fun and friendly competition into your learning and experience game-changing results.

Gamification uses 75% psychology and 25% technology. In other words, it truly gets employees using their brains to learn, practice, explore, and problem solve. When you bring together KLS’ expertise in evidence-based learning design and classroom and mobile learning solutions with our interactive designers and gamification platforms, you have access to game-changing solutions that engage, challenge, and empower your employees to achieve results like you’ve never seen before.

Want to learn more? We’ve shared a case study below from our large library of examples.

Gamification speeds up cashier checkout for national grocery chain.

A national grocery chain speeds up checkout lines by over 20% through individual and team-based games.

Too Many SKU Codes

Sonia, the Director of Operations for a US-based grocery chain, was challenged with speeding up checkout line times as a concerning percentage of loyal customers had complained. Upon investigation, it was discovered that cashiers struggled with memorizing SKU codes for the many varieties of produce available in stores. Asking them to memorize codes on a weekly basis was proving to be quite a challenging task.

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A Team Who Plays Together Learns Together

Sonia partnered with KLS to develop a solution that would help the chain’s cashiers memorize codes faster on a regular basis. After completing a full discovery process, KLS recommended a reusable gaming platform that would provide a safe place for employees to engage, collaborate, and enjoy friendly competition within teams, across stores and regions. To engage and educate this large audience, KLS created initial learning modules that were then supplemented by a full gaming platform featuring four rotating games. The games were updated weekly with new SKUs and accessible from every type of device.

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A leaderboard was included in the games platform in which learners were able to view rankings and sort them based on game, region, and overall cumulative points. Monthly employee and store prizes were awarded to learners to encourage participation.

Serious Fun Drives Serious Results

Cashiers across the national chain were initially hesitant to learn via a gaming platform, but within a few weeks, word had spread that it was extremely fun and worth trying. Within 30 days, Sonia was thrilled to learn that adoption rates were over 80% and that checkout times had improved by 20% on a national average, with some regions seeing over 60% improvement.

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