Instructor-Led Training

Thought-provoking, engaging, and interactive experiences meet traditional instructor-led programs.

It is costly for an organization to deliver classroom-based training programs due to travel and time off the job for attendees alone. At KLS, our goal is to ensure that when instructor-led programs are utilized by our clients, they realize the full impact and return on investment. Built on a foundation of neuroscience, our programs follow an evidence-based teaching approach and ensure full participation and interactive experiences for all who attend. Our programs are made easy to deliver through strong facilitator/learner guides and a solid Train-the-Trainer program.

Want to learn more? We’ve shared a case study below from our large library of examples.

Developing leaders through "aha" moments and real world interactions.

Creating a risk free, yet real-world environment, through evidence-based and experiential learning activities.

Don’t Waste My Time

As Director of Leadership Development for a leading global financial institution, Ameetha and her team were halfway through the development of a workshop series for their mid-level leadership development program. The results for the first few workshops had been underwhelming. Managers and Directors claimed to be hungry for learning opportunities, yet feedback from the workshops showed that the programs were not impactful, extremely long, and less than beneficial for their time away from their jobs. Simply put, they completely missed the mark and audiences felt as though the training was a waste of time.



Leadership Training Gets Real

Ameetha enlisted the KLS strategy team to help her uncover issues and build out a solution that would get her the results she needed. They had already invested a great deal of money and resources on the leadership methodology, so they were not interested in losing that. After reviewing the workshops and feedback, KLS agreed the content and methodologies were solid, but it was the workshop delivery that needed adjustments. Using the latest techniques in the neuroscience of learning, the KLS team redesigned the workshops, changing them from a presentation-style 200+ PowerPoint slide deck to a deeply experiential learning opportunity with plenty of built in “aha” moments for the learners, and lots of real world experience and practice.

Real World Experience, Real World Results

After the first round of pilot programs, Ameetha was thrilled to relaunch the series, given that feedback had changed from “ugh, that was awful” to “I’m so glad I didn’t miss this and can’t wait for the next one.” In fact, the conversations about the workshops and leadership in general went viral after the relaunch of the program, with Ameetha and her team winning a series of internal awards for their contribution to the success of the overall company.