Learning Campaigns

Engage your learners and promote your programs with custom learning campaigns.

Many organizations need this but few have a term for it. We call them “learning campaigns”, but what do we mean by that? It’s simple: we have all been challenged with consumption rates for our learning content. Organizations spend a lot of time and money creating mission critical learning solutions. One of the biggest challenges is getting learners to consume the learning content when it’s not positioned as mandatory.

Custom learning campaigns can be highly successful in getting learners excited about upcoming training and also answers their “what’s in it for me?” thought patterns. A properly designed campaign uses multiple modalities, can help set learner time expectations while showing its inherent value, and dramatically increase completion rates.

Want to learn more? We’ve shared a case study below from our large library of examples.

Strategic learning campaign delivers better than expected results.

Targeted learning campaign results in OVER 89% employees completing training within one week prior to product launch. An unheard of success for a large telecommunications organization.

A Big Commitment

As the Manager of Corporate Learning for a major telecommunications company, Henry was concerned with one of the year’s most important initiatives. A game-changing new product was going to hit the streets and his sales force did not have the proper foundational knowledge about key elements that would make it a bottom line success. He needed to break the mold of developing and delivering training to his audience without knowing if he was going to successfully push the needle on content consumption. He had made major commitments to his business clients that he would achieve 85% uptake before the product launched.

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Identifying The Challenge

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Henry engaged KLS to strategize and develop ideas that would allow him to increase the level of completion of the training that was about to launch. KLS experts reviewed past experiences with training launches, the approaches that were taken, and the levels of completions that had been experienced. We then correlated that to other training launches to the same audiences that were consuming seat time for the learner community.  The final step was to create a solution that would work in sync with the rollout plan for the new product.

The solution needed to pinpoint the optimal timeframe for launch and identify a need to gain higher levels of excitement in the learner population that would drive them to the training at launch.

On The Campaign Trail

KLS recommended the development of a custom learning campaign to create awareness for the training program by reinforcing key messages and answering many common questions learners ask themselves before they commit to learning something new. The campaign included high energy videos, a mobile app, desk drops, and a social media plan to garner excitement. During and after completion of the campaign, learners were anxious to learn more about the product as they now understood what was in it for them and their expected commitment level – all before the training solution was presented to them. The campaign was a great success, as proven by its 89% consumption rate from the target population within a week of product launch. The product went on to be one of the biggest successes for the company that year.

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