Mobile Learning

Innovative learning accessible anywhere at any time.

With almost everyone owning multiple devices, it’s imperative for a company’s learning strategy to include these invaluable tools to bring new and innovative solutions to their learner communities. From product information to compliance practices to customer engagement, our mobile learning capabilities will create an experience that will give your learners instant access to the information and knowledge they need to have on the job success.

Want to learn more? We’ve shared a case study below from our large library of examples.

Mobile app delivers time-sensitive training for telecom’s remote sales force.

Sales Force Interrupted

Shane, the Director of Sales for a leading telecommunications company, was responsible for managing a remote workforce of 3,500 sales representatives and had identified large knowledge gaps related to sales messaging and promotions within his team. The reps were disconnected from the company’s internal promotions awareness, which left them a step behind, often without the most up-to-date promotional information. Shane needed to find a streamlined and time-saving custom learning solution to train his high-impact sales talents and keep them updated on new sales and promotional messaging.

People in a boardroom meeting with yellow diagrams keyed overtop


Just-in-time Knowledge Transfer

To provide learners with the necessary, time-sensitive content, KLS designed and developed a role-based mobile learning app. Utilizing a permission-based mobile learning system, administrators could instantaneously deliver a variety of digestible chunks of training content, including videos, key documents, tips, and promotional materials designed to support and increase sales. Adopted nationwide in multiple languages, the app delivered learning materials based on region and job title, allowing learners to receive relevant content at the precise moment they needed it.

Mobile Solutions on the Go

Having access to customized training content through the mobile app drastically decreased sales training time and significantly cut associated training cost. Feedback from both company executives and sales representatives was so positive that Shane, partnering with KLS, has since launched similar learning apps across several of the company’s other business verticals.