Social Learning

Unleashing the power of learning through peer-to-peer and social collaboration.

Technology has enabled learning to return to its social roots, utilizing powerful channels in which learners are able to tag, share, build, and collaborate with peers while closing their own competency, skill, and behaviour gaps. At KLS, we have designed and developed numerous custom social learning platforms that have engaged and fostered collaborative learning communities. Our unique implementation methodology of social learning platforms ensures that if you build it, they will come….and share…and learn…and grow.

Want to learn more? We’ve shared a case study below from our large library of examples.

Custom social learning platform facilitates collaboration and peer-learning.

Adoption of the social learning platform has been phenomenal, with over 30,000 current active users across the country.

Engaging the Team

Ahmed, the Director of Learning and Enablement for a leading telecommunications company, was struggling to deliver training content in a dynamic and engaging way to thousands of the company’s internal and third party sales representatives.

Ahmed and his team engaged KLS to develop a learner-centric and sustainable learning solution. The goals of this custom solution were to increase productivity, encourage collaboration amongst internal and third party sales reps, and promote a greater sense of community within the organization.

People in a boardroom meeting with yellow diagrams keyed overtop


Getting Social

After consulting with Ahmed and team and analyzing the target audience of learners, KLS proposed the development of a social learning platform that would allow users to learn and communicate in a collaborative online environment.

Working alongside Ahmed and the L&E team, KLS created a custom social learning solution, which allowed learners to tag learning content, follow other learners, and share videos and other training content with their peers. The solution included a custom administrative interface for the platform in which key company personnel could monitor and edit content.

Sharing the Success

Since launching, adoption of the social learning platform has been phenomenal, with over 30,000 current active users across the country. Features have been expanded, allowing learners to create their own channels, subscribe to and follow users, comment on videos, and much more. The program has been extremely successful in encouraging collaboration and peer-learning amongst sales reps and Ahmed and team continue to partner with KLS in developing additional custom learning solutions.