Strategic Consulting

When it’s time to rethink your learning ecosystem.

With the world in a constant and compounding state of technological change, learning must be at the heart of every business just to survive. Employees’ thirst for lifelong learning at their fingertips is challenging most learning executives to rethink their ecosystems, infrastructures, and even platforms. At KLS, our deep history of innovation and technology coupled with our depth and breadth of diverse, cross-industry knowledge make us the perfect partner to help you look holistically at your learning ecosystem and help design an infrastructure that will ignite your learners and prepare them and your business for the future.

Want to learn more? We’ve shared a case study below from our large library of examples.

Strategically identifying a process gap significantly improves technology firm’s productivity.

KLS uncovered deeper system issues that had previously gone unnoticed resulting in an opportunity to develop a roadmap to a much better learning ecosystem.

They Just Won’t Learn

As the VP of Client Relations of a leading technology firm, Joe struggled with the lack of consistent data he was receiving through the company’s CRM platform from client teams across North America. This left him with very little insight into the status of his national accounts, and thus, he was unable to report to his CEO with any confidence. As he pressured his regional directors to ensure their teams were more compliant, their feedback suggested they believed it was a training issue.



Uncovering The Issue

Joe hired our KLS strategic consulting team to take a deep dive into the current status of the training programs and help him map out a more impactful learning strategy than currently existed. A comprehensive investigation was completed as part of the Discovery Phase, which included stakeholder interviews from across several regions, roles, levels, and departments. Additionally, KLS completed several job shadows and conducted end-to-end observation sessions and focus groups across North America.

The investigation uncovered that the client management process and CRM platform were broken in several places, resulting in frustrated client executives not being able to properly capture their account information.

Impactful Recommendations

After presenting key findings to Joe, the team agreed that better training wasn’t the answer – yet. Instead, a number of feedback sessions were held with stakeholders across the company to discuss recommendations. The client relations processes were revisited in a facilitated fashion across Joe’s organization and a game plan to eradicate the inefficiencies was developed. By partnering with KLS, the results gave Joe and his team a clear perspective into what was actually causing the issue in the field and allowed them to develop a prioritized roadmap to resolve it and elevate the organization to the next level.