Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Experiencing real live learning in a virtual classroom.

With advances in tools and platforms, the virtual classroom experience can be just as powerful and effective as a live classroom, but more cost-effective for an organization that needs to train a geographically dispersed team. Utilizing the same experience and evidence-based mindset that we use in developing all of our solutions, KLS will help you move your VILTs from a presentation-style program to a fully engaging, interactive, and collaborative learning experience that drives results.

Want to learn more? We’ve shared a case study below from our large library of examples.

Learning to have quality conversations through a virtual classroom.

Creating a risk free, yet real-world environment, through evidence-based and experiential learning activities.

Travel Budgets Stop Leadership Conversations

Talia, the Director of Development for a leading global insurance institution, was faced with a looming dilemma in her second year of rolling out a global leadership program. The two-day workshop had received major attention for its success to date and requests for it to become more readily available globally were growing. At the same time, regional leaders were being asked to cut back on travel. How would she meet the demands if travel was now an issue?

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KLS Recommends VILT

In engaging with Talia, the KLS strategy team reviewed the workshop, feedback, and key learning and business objectives of the program, and recommended that if done properly, a virtual classroom would be the best alternative solution for those regions unable to travel. Working together with Talia and her team to develop the program, KLS created a comprehensive curriculum featuring four highly engaging and experiential VILT workshops. These workshops utilized some or all of the features of our client’s in-house platform, including breakouts, simulations, video, and a variety of experiential activities to reinforce key learning objectives and allow learners to gain as much practice in coaching conversations as they would in a live classroom. The KLS team also trained the facilitators and moderators on both the technology and how to run a truly interactive workshop in a VILT setting.

A Cost-saving Option That Improved Global Reach

KLS was able to help Talia produce a cost-effective option for the highly requested leadership program on having quality conversations. The regional leaders were thrilled and, to Talia’s surprise, the program doubled its expected reach within one year of launching. After seeing the success of the VILT solution, the SVP of Organizational Development approved a budget for Talia and her team to “virtualize” the rest of their key leadership programs.

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